Indiana Liquor Laws

In the state of Indiana there are various laws regarding alcohol, the possession, distribution, licensing, permits, etc.

If your event is at a private residence- your personal home, backyard, basement, rooftop- And you are not open to the public, charging guests to attend, or profiting off of the event: there are no state mandated rules.

There are no state mandated rules. YOU can supply your own alcohol. WE can serve hard alcohol, beer and wine. No permits or licenses are required. Most people hire our services to make sure underage children are not being served, drinks are made properly, and guests are not over served.

If your event is at a public facility, or somewhere you have paid money to, to rent the space- the rules are as follows:

If you want to serve hard alcohol, you must hire a state licensed caterer whom holds a 3-way license. They are responsible for ordering, supplying, distributing, etc.

If you would like to serve beer, wine, champagne, wine alternatives, and malt based beverages- you have two choices.

1. You can hire a caterer who has a 2-way or a 3-way license. The caterer must order supply, distribute, and pay taxes on the beverages


2. You can obtain a temporary beer and wine permit. And hire a licensed bartender. Under the permit the rules are as follows:

  1. The permit must be obtained- The state charges $50
  2. You must present a blueprint of the venue, with the bar location. The bar must be separated into a 21 and up area – if minors are allowed at the event
  4. There must be a separate area with non-alcoholic beverages, as excise doesn’t want a child going to the bar for any reason.
  5. Once the party starts there can not be any carry in. Meaning no liquor store runs-
  6. Only beer, wine, champagne, wine alternatives, and malt based beverages are allowed- must say it on the package, and be under 21% alcohol
  7. There is no carry out services
  8. At the end of the event all open bottles must be dumped out, so no one is driving with open container

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